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Nicky Akehurst is a Melbourne based freelance filmmaker and photographer. Since completing her Diploma in Photo-Imaging and later managing her own film and photography business – Spyglass Images, her work with charitable organization Desert Pea Media as a content creator and filmmaker in remote Indigenous communities around Australia, gave her valuable insights into contemporary storytelling techniques and audio-visual media to foster important social and cultural dialogue. Within 3 years she co-created over 15 music videos and 22 short films with the Desert Pea Media team that have helped re-engage marginalised young people with community, culture and country and encouraged the development of life skills, access to education, employment and leadership programs.
Now, working as a filmmaker and mentor for Australia’s leading arts and social change organization – BighART, Nicky not only develops and creates innovative and cathartic content from documenting a variety of productions, she also collaborates with artists and producers to deliver filmmaking workshops as a means to build personal agency, skills and employment pathways to young women living in rural and remote communities – to assist them to build self-confidence and thrive.